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Coffee is cultural

When we talk about coffee, we talk about culture. Throughout the centuries, different cultures - discovered, and prepare coffee in different ways. Traditional Turkish coffee is prepared in a cezve. Japanese invented the Hario Pour Over. Italian invented the Macchinetta. Different cultures drink different coffee - Latte, Americano, Cappucinno.

coffee in a cezve
pour over coffee

Coffee is subjective

We, humans, like to find the best things. Best shoes, best car, best coffee. But coffee is very subjective, and finding the taste you like - requires time, and exploration. This is why coffee is an art. You test, you try, you mix, and eventually you find the taste you like.

Coffee is community

Coffee is not only cultural, and subjective. Coffee is a community. You will find coffee drinkers everywhere - in coffee shops, at offices, in restaurants, and in gas stations. They drink all kinds of coffee, that is prepared in many different ways.

We, however, believe that not all coffee is equal. Coffee is an art, and gas station coffee is trash. In our community, we share, and discuss artisanal coffee recipes. Through the art of experimentation with variables such as: grind level, water temperature, preparation time, coffee types, and more - we come back to the roots of coffee making, in a search for the perfect cup of coffee.

We invite you to join or growing community of coffee lovers, enthusiasts, and artisans.